PRINTABLE: Indigenous Poems

Here's to finding wisdom from the voices around us.

This Thanksgiving holiday, we are honoring the voices of Indigenous peoples in America. Below, we've included 3 poems by remarkable Indigenous women.

Print off your favorite (or all 4!), cut out the poem and attach it to another sheet of paper with glue or tape.

Then, read the poem and draw designs, patterns, doodles around the edges to make a frame for the artwork.

Additional activity: Use this site to look up the names of Indigenous tribes who resided and cultivated same land you live on now. Research artists in those communities and experience their artwork.

Check in with your responses: How do you feel after you experience their art? What could you create to help you connect with their medium or themes? What can we learn about the land that connects us to each other? How can we express a connection to each other in a way that honors the land we've shared? 


Page 1- Weaving by Elizabeth Woody, Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Page 2- Remember by Joy Harjo, Muskoke
Page 3- The Honorable Harvest, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Page 4- Holiday Blessing by Kaitlin Curtice, Citizen Potawatomi Nation

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