​Art Feeds believes all children are artists. We exist to feed creative development and facilitate emotional expression in children through art and community. To do this, we provide free therapeutic art and creative education programs within schools & children’s organizations by mobilizing teams of community members to bring all forms of art into classrooms.


We have several internship availabilities for our Spring 2019 semester! You will be contacted in early January if you are being considered for the opportunity.  This is not your typical internship! At Art Feeds you will learn the inner workings of a creative, innovative, driven group of people banded together in our “for the kids” mantra. 

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We provide therapeutic art and creative education programs that:

  • increase creative problem solving skills and self-efficacy in children.
  • decrease fear, stress & anxiety in children.
  • involve community members to invest in Art Feeds students.
  • prioritize creativity as a valuable skill in education.
  • facilitate consistent expression for children’s mental and emotional health.
  • facilitate healing through art for children who have experienced trauma or face obstacles.
  • produce community art with children.
  • feed children’s creativity for an inspired future.
  • provide mobile and all inclusive programs to reach students where they are, regardless of their diverse needs and backgrounds.
The Pallette
So you know where your dollars go.

Art Feeds is a 501c3 organization. 100% of general donations benefit Art Feeds programs. The Palette is made up of a community of donors dedicated to providing for Art Feeds overhead costs.

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What Makes us Different?

  • We are mobile
  • Therapeutic art and creative education
  • In Schools and Children's Organizations
  • Consistent

Meg Bourne Hulsey

Founder and CEO

Brooke LeMasters

Chief Operating Officer
  • Heather Collier

    ​Board President | Taking a hiatus from life as a public relations & fundraising maven, Heather Goff Collier now happily spends her time as mother, playmate, and personal assistant to her 3 year old daughter. When not finger painting, singing, and dancing with Sophie, Heather brings those talents to Art Feeds as an Educator. Through art, Heather believes hearts heal, spirits brighten, opportunities grow,and creativity flows. Art Feeds her soul.

  • Kim Lewis

    ​Standing at 4’10” tall, Kim is known as the “little lady with Big ideas.” As the former Production Designer for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” Kim Lewis designed the architecture, exteriors, interiors and landscape for over 100 custom homes, in 43 states, in 6 years. Most recently Kim worked with Art Feeds, Touch A Life and Connor’s Song to build an art center in Ghana, West Africa for children who were rescued from slavery. She is a Trend Spotter and Design Ambassador for Silestone, Blue Star Cooking and can be found motivating other designers and builders as a public speaker.

  • Michael Compton

    ​Full time Dad, accountant and lover of fast cars. He enjoys spending time with his children, crunching numbers for clients and driving his race car. He has 15 years’ experience as an accountant with 8 of those years as a CPA and part owner of a CPA firm. He brings his expertise of finances and love of kids to Arts Feeds. Art Feeds his inner child!

Shirt Title
How It Started

​Art Feeds began in one classroom with one child- a little boy who wasn’t being fed at home and who was not only lethargic & struggling with academics but also had incredibly low self-esteem. As Meg began doing art lessons with him, he showed tremendous progress through expression; art was feeding him in a way that was just as essential as food.

The art lessons quickly grew from just him to more classrooms and more children. So in order to fund the supplies she needed, Meg printed and sold shirts that featured “Art Feeds” and a blank written by that original little boy, paired with his handprint, which ended up with a heart in the middle and later became the Art Feeds logo. The blank was open for the buyer to fill in with whatever “Art Feeds” for them. The simple t-shirt project grew far beyond expectations and the story of this little boy spread as did the impact and reach of Art Feeds programs.

The story of this little boy is now the story of thousands of Art Feeds students who have together had the realization “What I’m creating has worth, therefore I have worth.”

Purchase the shirt design that started it all and support Art Feeds programs.

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