Hi friends! This project is with Kids Create, a part of the Fayetteville Public Library 2020 Summer Reading lineup.  Summer Reading signups are now open for all ages using READSquared, and we’d love for you to read along with us this summer.    Be sure to visit for the full list of summer programs or like the library on Facebook for new content every day! 

One of our favorite children's books embraces the idea of BIG IDEAS. This book is called "What do you do with an idea?" written by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom. This activity pairs great with the book, so we recommend finding it at your library or local book store. If you order from Amazon, use this link and we'll receive some funds from your purchase!

The story follows a child who encounters an idea and then watches it evolve through a creative process. It's beautiful and resonant for even the grown ups who grapple with their own creativity and expression.

Our activity here is all about our OWN ideas. What big and brave or small and whispering ideas do you have inside of you? Have you given them voice before? 

Sometimes our ideas can feel precious and personal to us, so we like the idea of filling out this printable, then keeping the ideas in a safe space that is all our own. Maybe a jar or a special box you have could be good guards of your ideas!

There are no wrong answers with what you fill in this sheet- or where you store your Big Ideas. Remember: Nobody is the same as you. Even if someone has had your idea before, they've never experienced it *quite* like you, because you are unique, special and valuable. (And so are your ideas.)

Stay tuned for the #ArtFeedsMakes project that goes with this book and printable. Watch on Art Feeds social media or the Fayetteville Public Library Facebook page


Spanish/English Version

Spanish Version

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