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Our curriculum has been developed and improved over 10 years and used by over 92,000 children with the Art Feeds team, certified teachers, mental health professionals and art therapists. Each lesson has been done over 100 times and refined with use. Most content comes with accompanying videos, worksheets and resources for continued learning.

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Our Curriculum

We have 8 categories of curriculum to meet your needs:
When you become a member, you receive access to lessons for Elementary aged students, our Trauma Curriculum, Art Feeds Makes videos and Bundles

Core Curriculum

Grades K-5 utilizing all forms of art. This is our largest category of curriculum!



Designed for children who have experienced trauma. We've included our most therapeutic lessons from our Core Curriculum in this category- in addition to 3 exclusive Trauma lessons that you won't find in any other bucket. Each lesson has an emphasis on facilitating emotional expression. Recent additions include: videos teaching directly to students for virtual learning settings, printable worksheets and spanish translations of the lesson plan/printables.

4 projects under one theme! Great for summer school, weekend trips with kids, workshop settings, camp, homeschool, church events, parties and anywhere else where kids want to get creative. New bundles added monthly.

Quick, fun projects using basic supplies. You'll find these on our social media weekly and now you can sort through them on Art Feeds Online. New videos added weekly.

Designed for classrooms reaching students with autism and other higher needs. A focus here is sensory exploration and color play.

Designed with opportunities for more emotional expression. This was designed originally for students in learning environments like alternative schools/classrooms, and individualized education programs for emotional or behavioral disorder students. This curriculum has been used in juvenile centers, behavior-focused rooms and intensive therapies facilities.

Create a mural with your students in 4 weeks. This access is only available by application.

Designed with flexibility for supplies, to be more easily translatable, and to be used with large or small groups of children. Great for engaging with students in spaces where there may not be a shared language, or for use in classrooms anywhere in the world where art supply access is more limited.

Designed for 3-5 year olds to get excited about creativity

Once you become a member you can decide what else works for you! We’re consistently creating more content and will be adding to Art Feeds Online as its available.

Community Assist

Are you excited to access Art Feeds Online, but want more resources? Apply to our Community Assist Program! Twice per year we select several applicants to receive Curriculum, Training and Art supplies free of cost for their students:

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Community art with children- what could be better? We’ve created more than 40 student designed murals with children across the U.S.

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