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PRINTABLE: Color Map Worksheet

"Can I have Love." "The wind 'blue' my leaves." "Me & You." "Blank with an inch of color"- These are all brilliant colors designed by kids!

This is one of our favorite worksheets to create with children. We love using watercolors for this project, but you can use ANYTHING you have on hand! Print it out and let your little ones go wild.

You can do it a few different ways:

1. Start with the colors: Mix colors, draw in the circles. Fill up the space with whatever your imagine brings to mind. Then, name each shade as creatively as possible.

Then, look around you and find those colors! We did this worksheet at the Unexpected festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas- where there were colorful murals all over town so students could find their colors in the artwork. This works just as well in your home or a walk in the neighborhood. 

2. Create as a family! Trade off on designing the colors and naming them. What if one person does the colors and the other person names them? Play a guessing game to see if your partner can guess what color you were going for while you were mixing your shades.

3. Start with the inspiration first: You can set up your supplies in view of a space you love and try to match the colors to what you can see. We used a mural for this take on the project, but a neighborhood tree, bookshelf or decorated refrigerator could serve as perfect inspiration.

Ready to get started? We can't wait to see what you think!







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