Central Elementary Mural in Neosho, MO

When we approached the school district with the option of producing a mural inspired or designed by students, the principals were extremely supportive and Central was chosen to be the recipient. After 4 weeks of mural curriculum, students were surprised with a reveal on the front of their school building!

Through 4 weeks of mural development with Central students, we were able to get to know some personalities and engage students in a way they hadn't experienced before. 4 Neosho community members served as Art Feeds educators to help students express their ideas and to cultivate strong imagination during this process. We started with a storytelling web which helps students verbally express their imaginative ideas within the classroom. Next, we helped students decide on themes and colors as classes and as a school. Following, we built upon storytelling and our themes to draw out the images we wanted to see on the mural itself. And finally, we celebrated by creating Paintbrush Buddies! We sent the content to an artist and graphic designer for production and printing, then...

During the last week of school, we revealed the big mural with giant cheers on the front entry to the school for all to see. One teacher even wrote a poem about the experience:

Being creative and expressing yourself

Is making something great and putting it on your shelf.

Being proud of what you make whether it is good or bad,

Should leave you with a sense of feeling glad.

Hold your head high and wear a smile,

Creativity is now your style.

I know my poems can be a bit cheesy

But at least art is a little more easy peasy!

Thank you Art Feeds for showing us a way

To express our self anytime of the day!

Thanks to our sponsors who made this process possible: Neosho Arts Council, Bourne Logistics Management, Sensations Performance Studio, Mitchell's Downtown Drug Store, Solomon's Dance Studio, Ken and Karen Puckett, Randy and Pam Cope, Sara Chaney, Kelly & Compton, John Mills Fine Art and Griffith Motor Company.

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