Communities across the United States are implementing the Art Feeds model to feed creative development and facilitate emotional expression in children. Get to know our Art Feeds chapters & bring Art Feeds to your community.

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Story by Dale Benfield, father of Ellie Benfield

Ellie Benfield, as told by her father Dale Benfield

I will forever be grateful for Art Feeds. After the Joplin tornado, Art Feeds brought therapeutic art to Ellie's class. I remember the project where she was able to help design and rebuild her town and how that brought hope and optimism to an otherwise tragic situation (Ellie lost her great-grandma). From then on, she has fallen even more in love with art as a way of expression, and I love watching her grow and mature through Art Feeds.

Story by Kim Adams, mom of Tess Adams

Tess Adams, as told by her mom Kim Adams

Tess's first interaction with Art Feeds was at a downtown event prior to the storm. Now we truly know what Art Feeds means. Art allowed her to relax and just concentrate on the task at hand. She has grown a lot and has become quite the Artist and a more caring and giving child.

Story by Amie Bollin, mother of Oliver Bollin

Oliver Bollin, as told by his mother Amie Bollin

Oliver is an adventurous little man and has always loved trying new things...Except art. At age 3, he refused to color, paint, or even write. Art Feeds helped him to express himself through new creative outlets and now we have a little artist on our hands!

Story by Tara, mom of Grant Horinek

Grant Horinek, as told by his mom Tara

Since Grant has been involved with Art Feeds it has been amazing to see the creative side of him come out. He has truly developed a passion and appreciation for art.

Art feeds offers 12 week trauma-focused curriculum to communities who would like to facilitate expression after traumatic events. Training and programs are free.

Art Feeds offers communities a free 12 week trauma-focused curriculum to be used in schools to promote expression after a traumatic event. Training for the school staff to implement the programs comes for free. These communities are chosen at the discretion of Art Feeds based on a myriad of contributing factors. If you would like to become an Art Feeds partner for disaster and major traumatic event response please email us below.

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