Art Feeds Joplin programs are all over town! Each week, multiple schools and children's organizations receive free therapeutic art and creative education sessions totaling in over 500 students. We're feeding creative artists for Joplin's future- which is powerful beyond measure.

24,000 children reached in Joplin’s Community

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Current Joplin Schools

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  • 20 Artists

    Juvenile Center

  • 15 Artists

    Leffen Teens

  • Artists

    Soaring Heights Thursday

  • 50 Artists
    Master painters and budding sculptors are in these classrooms, making messes and growing creatively.

    St. Mary's Preschool- Friday

  • 30 Artists
    Whether it's building new buildings or drawing their dreams, these little artists are wonderful makers with avid imaginations.

    St. Mary's Preschool

  • 100 Artists
    Talk about lively classrooms, Joplin Early Childhood is the home to some of our youngest and most vibrant little artists.

    Joplin Early Childhood

  • 250 Artists
    These artists are full of great ideas and are eager to learn how to bring them to fruition. Kelsey Norman is a wonderful learning community and we couldn't be more grateful to be a part of it.

    Kelsey Norman

  • 300 Artists
    Stapleton students are masters of story telling, idea brainstorming and mural designing. They'll even have a mural in their school this Spring 2015!


  • 300 Artists
    Programs launched at Royal Heights with our new Mural Curriculum in Fall 2014- We can't wait to implement this mural in their school during Spring 2015!

    Royal Heights

  • 20 Artists
    Three Saturday mornings out of each month, we visit students at Children’s Haven. We have a different group every week, but those sleepy Saturday mornings are some of the sweetest hours of the week.

    Children's Haven

  • 20 Artists
    Once a week, we work with students at Turnaround Ranch, a treatment center for youth. These students love to share their artwork, tell their best jokes & get crafty.

    Turnaround Ranch

  • 25 Artists
    At the Leffen Center, we work with children with autism spectrum disorders to express creatively & emotionally. Always full of energy & ready for action in these classrooms.

    Bill & Virginia Leffen Center for Autism

  • 100 Artists
    Full of vibrant 3, 4 & 5 year olds, St. Paul’s Preschool hosts some of our sweetest moments (and slammin’ dance parties.)

    St. Paul's Awesome Adventure Preschool

  • 600 Artists
    Cecil Floyd students love color. You can tell by the drawings they chose to don the walls in a wrap-around mural Art Feeds implemented that adorns their walls. We spend each week doing all forms of art with these students.

    Cecil Floyd Elementary

  • 250 Artists
    Students at Columbia Elementary are bursts of energy. Every week we meet in the cafeteria for Art Feeds class which results in some of the most innovative, creative ideas and hilarious stories.


  • 200 Artists
    Talk about art-loving-students! St. Mary’s artists love to get messy & creative, but also host great conversations and ask meaningful questions. You should see them boogie.

    St. Mary's

  • 200 Artists
    Formerly known as “Duenweg/Duquesne Elementary”, Soaring Heights holds Art Feeds classes in their gym each week. That means BIG artwork has been possible, which matches up well with these students’ big dreams.

    Soaring Heights

  • 200 Artists
    Biggest smiles beaming from West Central. Students here LOVE sharing their artwork, which happens to be our favorite part of class as well. Artist savants, they are.

    West Central

  • 300 Artists
    New to Art Feeds programs, Eastmoreland students are excited to integrate extra movement, messes & mega-fun into their weeks. We’re happy to be along for the ride to feed their creativity.


  • 285 Artists
    These little ones “get” storytelling. With an Art Feeds mural donning their outdoor learning center, this school culture appreciates creativity & cultivates it.


  • 225 Artists
    Irving Elementary is one of the schools that has had Art Feeds programs the longest- starting Fall of 2011. They have explored mediums inside and out. These students “get” expression & better yet, kindness.

    Irving 3-5

  • 275 Artists
    Massive creativity & emotional expression flows from this school. The students “get” Art Feeds and sometimes even try to give bags full of change to our educators to "pay for more students to have Art Feeds". Highkicks for generous children!

    Irving K-2

  • 50 Artists
    Alternative School located at Roi S. Woods Campus in Joplin. We spend one hour creating with these little ones weekly. They have a wonderful attention to detail in their projects, and thrive on the masterpieces that take some time.


  • 250 Artists
    McKinley is new to Art Feeds roster in Fall 2013 and is buzzing with creativity and imagination. On day one of class we imagined "Art World" where they said blades of grass were made of paint brushes.


Lead Educator

paid Art Feeds staff member that leads the lesson and drives creativity

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trained volunteer that builds relationships with students and facilitates expression

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  • Leah Willcoxon
    Being an AF educator keeps me inspired and energized! Where else could I witness such joy as little ones tap into their creativity?!
    Sugar Rush: Reese’s PB Cups
  • Michelle Cooper
    4 hours of my time Tuesday might have made an impact for those kids, but I guarantee it left a huge impact on my heart. Bring on the cuteness!
    Sugar Rush: Twizzlers
  • Casey Starnes
    Watching the kids get excited and enjoy doing every project- I can't help to tear up at times as the kids explain the reason behind their art. I teach to help the kids but I didn't realize how much they would help me!
    Sugar Rush: Reese’s PB Cups
  • Olivia Massey
    Serving as an Art Feeds educator is enchanting. These kiddos make my day with their creativity, imagination, & great knock-knock jokes!
    Sugar Rush: Sixlets