Art Feeds Carthage was founded in January of 2015 and is now reaching children consistently in the Carthage, MO community!

2,000 children reached in the Carthage community

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Current Carthage Schools

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  • Artists

    George Elementary

  • Artists


  • Artists

    Early Childhood Carthage

  • Artists

    Northside Elementary

  • Artists

    Helen Tyson

  • Artists

    Fort Riley Friday

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    Fort Riley Mon

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    Jones Elementary Springdale

  • 510 Artists
    Steadley is the largest elementary school in the Carthage district. This is our first year at Steadley– where the students will work together to create an Art Feeds mural for their school.

    Steadley Elementary

  • 80 Artists
    St. Ann’s Catholic School strives to prepare their students to be the strongest future leaders of their Church and the world. The students collaborated to create a student-designed mural for the school entrance about dreams and perseverance.

    St. Ann's Catholic School

  • 20 Artists

    Juvenile Center

  • Artists

    Jones- CWE

  • Artists

    Parson Hills- CWE

  • Artists

    Grace Hill CWE

  • 130 Artists
    These joyful little artists started their experience with Art Feeds Carthage by designing a mural to be displayed in their school.

    Pleasant Valley

  • 15 Artists

    Leffen Teens

  • 445 Artists
    Fairview's philosophy is that every student deserves the opportunity to learn in a safe, focused environment. The first student-designed mural in Carthage is on display in Fairview's cafeteria.

    Fairview Elementary

  • 320 Artists
    Mark Twain Elementary is filled with life long learners and artists who grow their creativity, grit, self-directed learning and enthusiasm in Art Feeds programs.

    Mark Twain

  • 440 Artists
    Columbian is a multi-cultural school filled with energy and ideas. They add diversity to their community, which shows up in the Art Feeds classroom as they get creative together!

    Columbian Elementary

  • 300 Artists
    Stapleton students are masters of story telling, idea brainstorming and mural designing. They'll even have a mural in their school this Spring 2015!


Lead Educator

Paid staff member who leads the lesson and drives creativity.

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Trained volunteers building relationships with students

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  • Heather Collier
    I love giving kids the "there are no wrong answers license" and then seeing & hearing what comes out of their smart brains, amazing imaginations, and oversized hearts.
    Sugar Rush: She's a chips and salsa gal.
  • Debbie Metcalf
    It has been a pleasure to be able to be part of Art Feeds Carthage and to experience, first hand, the students excitement as they create their own masterpieces! To see the confidence and pride they show in their work is most rewarding.
    Sugar Rush: Watermelon Jolly Ranchers
  • Wilbur Terry
    Up to this point, it's been an amazing experience. I look forward to having a positive impact on kids in the Carthage community.
    Sugar Rush: Chewy Sweettarts
  • Teri Crusa
    I love that I get to be a part of the excitement that children have on "Art Feeds day". I enjoy watching them grow through art and show so much pride in what they have accomplished!
    Sugar Rush: Kit Kat Candy Bars

Lead Educator

paid Art Feeds staff member that leads the lesson and drives creativity

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trained volunteer that builds relationships with students and facilitates expression

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  • Leah Willcoxon
    Being an AF educator keeps me inspired and energized! Where else could I witness such joy as little ones tap into their creativity?!
    Sugar Rush: Reese’s PB Cups
  • Michelle Cooper
    4 hours of my time Tuesday might have made an impact for those kids, but I guarantee it left a huge impact on my heart. Bring on the cuteness!
    Sugar Rush: Twizzlers
  • Casey Starnes
    Watching the kids get excited and enjoy doing every project- I can't help to tear up at times as the kids explain the reason behind their art. I teach to help the kids but I didn't realize how much they would help me!
    Sugar Rush: Reese’s PB Cups
  • Olivia Massey
    Serving as an Art Feeds educator is enchanting. These kiddos make my day with their creativity, imagination, & great knock-knock jokes!
    Sugar Rush: Sixlets