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​We have new openings with a new year to join in feeding creative development & facilitating emotional expression in children!

Lead Educator positions:

These positions are paid hourly wages for the time they spend leading Art Feeds lessons. Experience with children & classroom management is a plus.

+Thursdays 8am-3pm at a Joplin Elementary School (K-5)

+Thursday Mornings at Head Start Early Education Programs (3, 4 & 5 year olds)

+Tuesday mornings at Turnaround Ranch. *Experience with youth with emotional & behavioral challenges is required.

Apply to be an Art Feeds Lead Educator Here

Art Feeds Volunteer Educator Positions:

We strive to maintain a 4:1 student to educator ratio in the classroom to ensure that all students have a pair of ears nearby to communicate with while creating.

If you’re interested in giving 2-8 hours per week in an Art Feeds Joplin classroom, we’re looking for volunteers for:

+8am-3pm on Thursdays

+8am-3pm on Fridays

Apply to be an Art Feeds Volunteer Educator Here

If you have any questions, feel free to email to see where you might fit best at Art Feeds Joplin.

Love Naively. Give Generously. Be Foolishly Compassionate.


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