Mural Reveal at West Central Elementary

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​We celebrated this week as another mural was revealed at West Central Elementary. The reveal was special because in was in partnership with the reveal of the new Community Storm Shelter located at West Central’s gymnasium.

One of Art Feeds Joplin’s curriculum tracks is mural production by elementary school students. To date, Art Feeds Joplin has produced 11 student driven murals and will have 16 by spring’s end. We are excited to reveal one of our most recent murals at West Central Elementary! The reveal celebrated the sponsorship, time spent in the classroom and volunteer time spent making the mural possible. With the dedicated time and energy of our Art Feeds Educators- over the course of 4 weeks, every student in the school participated in the creation process by choosing the theme, colors and design. West Central Elementary student’s voted on the theme “Dreams and Perseverance” and created illustrations revolving around that theme. The mural is completely student inspired and driven from beginning to end.

Once the student’s ideas were created in the classroom, our wonderful partner artist Sam Matthews spent over 40 hours merging their drawings into a greater work of art- including a candy garden and animal rescue station! Sam’s drawings were then put into Illustrator and made into a graphic work with over 40 hours of work by our wonderful graphics gal, Abby Spillane.

This mural would not be possible without the generosity of sponsor Anne Sharp! Thanks Anne for helping get this beautiful artwork displayed for all to see!

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