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Mini Yarn Wall Hanging

Using found sticks and colorful yarn, together we're making a hanging for a wall to add some creativity to the space (or wherever you want to hang it- no wrong answer!) Gather these supplies and get creative with your own findings in nature or around the house.


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- Sticks

- Yarn

Small piece of cardboard




Hot glue gun



Pom poms

Pipe cleaners



Step 1: Go on a nature walk to find small, straight sticks

Step 2: Wrap yarn many times around a strip of cardboard then cut through all yarn pieces on one end, so you have many yarn strands

Step 3: Tie these strands to your stick

Step 4: Repeat for as many colors and lengths of yarn as you want!

Step 5: Tie one long strand of yarn to both ends of your stick, so it can hang

Step 6: Tie on feathers or beads, hot glue pipe cleaners pom poms, decorate as your wish!


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