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One thing we know- balloons bring little ones joy. Make this whimsy wand for some household dance parties or to create a bouquet for May Day!


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- Clear balloons

- Paper confetti

- Ribbon, yarn, or pipecleaners 

- Balloon stick and holder

- Washi tape

- Scissors



- Funnel



Step 1: Begin making your balloon whimsy wand by pouring confetti into a deflated balloon. This may require a funnel. Use any variety of confetti, and feel free to even add glitter! Inflate the balloon, and set it aside. 

Step 2: Now it’s time to decorate the wand! Wrap the washi tape around the stick. You can cover as much or as little of the stick’s surface as you want with any variety of washi tape. You can stick with a solid color, alternate colors, or even use several patterned tapes!

Step 3: When you have decorated the wand to your satisfaction, adhere the balloon to the holder and stick with washi tape. For extra flare, you can add ribbons, yarn, and pipe cleaners to the wand. Pipe cleaners can wrap around the wand and stick out in different directions, and ribbon and yarn flow as you shake your whimsy wand back and forth!


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