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Tie Dye Scrunchies with Zotos Professional for #MyHairGame

For every post that uses #MyHairGame the generous team at @zotosprofessional gives $100 to Art Feeds Programming! We are over halfway to our goal of $25,000!!! Join us in making this accessory for your hair creation. 



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+White scrunchies


+Rubbing alcohol



1. Start with white scrunchies

2. Use sharpies to color on the fabric.

3. Use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to wet the sharpie marks so they look like watercolors.

4. Wear your scrunchie and snap a photo to post with #MyHairGame


Share your photos from now until September 30th (as many as you like). It really is THAT easy to make a huge impact! 🌈

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