Things you CAN do during Social Distancing

Hi, Brooke here, COO of Art Feeds. We’ve been making note of all the things NOT to do when we’re flattening the curve. And, yeah, it’s an introvert’s dream… for about 3 days. I noticed my 3 year old daughter was naming her veggie straws and carrying on conversations between theme and I think this might hit a little harder for her. So I did as I always do in stress- I started this list:

Things we CAN do during social isolation. 


Record a fake podcast (Use your phone!)

Stock your closest Free Little Pantry

Try a new #ArtFeedsMakes video project (Use your supplies around the house!)

Practice your impression of your co-habitator

Try a handstand (use a wall!)

Taste test the different nut butters you stocked up on (use a spoon!)

Leave a note for your elderly neighbor with your phone number so they can text if they need anything

Figure out the many uses of dental floss

Plant some flowers to surprise yourself later

Read and book and share some wisdom about what you learned

Join Art Feeds Online and try out dozens of expressive lessons for kids

Notice something beautiful about a friend and speak it

Notice something beautiful about your space and name it

Cook something wholesome and notice how it feels in your body

Write a letter to someone at a nursing home

Organize your canned goods and see if you can spare any for a food drive

Walk and make up pretend names for the dogs in the neighborhood

Call your grandma

Hug a pillow

Doodle a self portrait

Re-watch your favorite movie from childhood

Remember your truest self as a child- what still applies to who you are today?


Brooke LeMasters is COO of Art Feeds. She's currently working remotely and isolating with her partner and child June (the-pantry-stocking-fairy above). You can follow her at @brooklynprance.

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