Art Feeds Makes

Tee Stamping

Learn how to create your own stamps to use when you decorate your Art Feeds tee!



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-Tee shirt

-Acrylic paint

-Hot glue


-Foam sheets



Step 1: Select a few sheets of foam to make stamps out of. Use a marker to draw designs on a sheet of foam. Once you have drawn your desired designs, cut them out exactly on the lines you have drawn. Draw and cut out circles or squares on another sheet of foam. Hot glue each one of your original designs onto its own circle or square. You have made a stamp! The circle or square is acting as the base of the stamp, and the design is the figure that will be pressed in paint to transfer later in the craft. 

Step 2: Choose as few or as many paint colors as you want on your tee shirt. Pour each color out onto a plate, and press a stamp into the paint. Now press the stamp onto the tee shirt. Repeat this process until you have finished decorating your shirt!


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