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Tassel Necklace

Make a fancy tassel necklace with these simple supplies! Not only can you make a necklace, but you can also use it for key chains, wall hangings or a decorative addition to clothes or backpacks. Perfect to work on dexterity skills and creating something new with yarn.


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Colored Yarn

Piece of cardboard

Pom poms

Hot glue




Step 1: Take the end of the colored yarn of your choosing and wrap it around the piece of cardboard roughly 15 - 20 times. Cut the piece from the rest of your yarn and tuck the end into the wound bit. 

Step 2: Cut a small piece of the same colored yarn and in the center of your wound yarn, tie a knot. Next, flip the cardboard over, and in the center of the wound yarn cut the yarn in half. Now you should have the beginnings of a tassel.

Step 3: Use the edges of two bits of yarn from the tassel to tie a small circle at the top of your tassel. This will be the loop you use to thread your necklace!

Step 4: Cut another piece of the same colored yarn and tie a knot around the top ¼ of your tassel. You’ve made your first tassel!

Step 5: Cut a piece of yarn or string to use as your necklace and weave the fabric through the circle at the top of your tassel(s).

Step 6: Using hot glue, secure the tassels in the place you want on the necklace. 

Step 7: Hot glue pom poms around the rest of the circle to add to the decorations.

Step 8: Send us a picture of the tassel necklace you make!


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