Sylvan Hills Mural Reveal

“Be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

-Kid President

The year 2020 was many things, but we like to remember it best as the year of making murals! Last Spring, over 500 students from Sylvan Hills Elementary School in Sherwood, Arkansas dreamed up a colorful and inclusive mural. As recipients of our Community Assist Programming and curriculum, we teamed up with art teacher Candace Barns to help them bring their ideas to life. We are constantly in awe of the fearless creativity these young artists possess!

The theme of this mural is ‘Friendship & Unity’, using only the boldest and brightest colors imaginable. It was all hands on deck for this massive project, with every student providing their own drawing. One of the best parts of the mural-making process is watching how every student interprets the theme. This is what allows for their unique and wonderful personalities to shine through. Throughout four weeks of Art Feeds curriculum taught by their wonderful art teacher, students learned about storytelling, brainstorming, and collaboration. They were tasked with creating a piece of artwork that they felt best embodied the theme. The result? Lots of rainbows, unicorns, spaceships, and memories to last a lifetime!

In addition to the mural, students at Sylvan Hills got to create a souvenir to take with them- paintbrush buddies! Using paintbrushes, paints, pipe cleaners, and other glittery decorations, students set to work to bring their new friends to life. Once they finished, they got to introduce their buddies to the class! (Shoutout to one paintbrush buddy, Ocean, who likes long walks on the beach!)

Last month, the mural was officially unveiled at Sylvan Hills Elementary. For the first time, students got to see their hard work and creativity on full display! The beautiful artwork will be a source of inspiration for many years to come. Congratulations to the Sylvan Hills students and staff for their incredible work on this project!

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