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Superhero Uniform

Together, we are going to make a superhero uniform! Let's think of the qualities of the everyday heroes around us- nurses and doctors keeping people healthy, grocery store employees making sure families can safely shop and get food, delivery drivers, neighbors, family members and more. We'll use these ideas to create a uniform to represent the heroes around us and the qualities we'd like to have in ourselves.


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Print the SuperHero Activity Sheet from the Art Feeds Blog


- Scissors

Drawing Utensils




Cape- fabric, sheet, pillow case, towel, etc.


Low temp hot glue gun

Extra Paper


Straight edge for measuring and cutting

Safety pins



Step 1: Print the SuperHero Activity Sheet from Art Feeds Blog (linked above)

Step 2: Write the qualities of your superhero and design and color your arms bands and head piece then cut out

Step 3: Wrap your pieces around your arms and head as your armor!

Step 4: Cut out a diamond shape from a piece of paper and design your superhero’s logo

Step 5: Make your cape!

       Option 1: Safety pin your diamond shape to a piece of cloth or towel

       Option 2: Cut out the size and shape of your cape from a bed sheet and hot glue ribbon along the top and your superhero symbol in the center

Step 6: Show the world that you are a superhero!


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