Sunshine School Mural Reveal

What happens when you combine Art Feeds Curriculum, The Helen Tyson Middle School East Program, and 150 incredible young artists from the Sunshine School? The answer: a groundbreaking interactive mural highlighting kindness and diversity. Last spring, we partnered with the Sunshine School to provide Art Feeds training and curriculum to faculty and students through the community assist program. One aspect of this program is the opportunity to create a mural, a project that allows every student’s artwork to be a part of a bigger picture- literally!  The Sunshine School mural is now on display at Citizen’s Park in Bentonville, in addition to the interactive mural that remains in the lobby of the school for the students, teachers, and parents to enjoy!

The students at the Sunshine School began their mural back in the Spring of 2020, learning about storytelling, brainstorming, and collaboration along the way. Full of ideas and eager to get started, the students created brilliant pieces of work to contribute to the project. They were inspired by bold, bright colors and their work radiated positivity. Once the first phase of the mural was complete, students from the Helen Tyson Middle School EAST Program joined forces to take the project to the next level! They added interactive elements to the mural, using lights and student’s voices to imitate sounds inspired by the drawings.


The students at the Sunshine School wanted the second mural to be as accessible as possible to members of the community, and it now resides in the sidewalk at Citizens Park in Bentonville, where it can be enjoyed up close by all visitors. The mural contains this quote; “Kindness is a vast color that only your heart knows how to paint,”- and we think that sums up this project pretty well! Shoutout to the Helen Tyson Middle School East Program, Bentonville Parks and Recreation, and the talented artists at The Sunshine School for their incredible work! We are grateful for the support from the Walmart Foundation that made this project possible.

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