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Strength Stones

We are back with another partnership with @fayettevillepubliclibrary Kids Create,  part of the 2020 Summer Reading lineup! Today we are reading "These Words I Shaped for You" written by Megan Merchant and illustrated by Basak Agaolu. In this story, you'll hear something special the parent panda shares with the child panda- Strength Stones. We'll make our own to remind us of our own strength using found rocks and some outside objects. You can download the Strength Stone Printable on the blog at the link in our profile.






















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Strength Stone Printable

- Rocks or pebbles




- Water

Paint pens

- Words of strength



Step 1: Write words of strength like “hope” and “persevere” on your stones with markers or sharpies

Step 2: Alternately, paint your stones with your favorite colors, designs, and strength words

Step 3: Another option is to scratch words and patterns on your stones with another rock like chalk

Step 4: Place your stones in your yard or carry them with you for strength! 


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