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Stick Family

Using found sticks, string, yard and a little imagination, let's create a stick family together! The possibilities are endless. If you don’t have yarn- no worries! Just find an old tee shirt to cut up to wrap as clothes for your family. Ask yourself- who are these stick people? Where do they come from? What are their personalities? Skills, talents, likes, dislikes? Make them how you like them and take them on adventures!


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- Sticks of varying sizes






Googly eyes

Hot glue gun


- Additional accessories



Step 1: Wrap two sticks perpendicular to each other by wrapping yarn around them to look like a shirt (tip: Use a straight stick and a Y shaped stick, so the Y can act as legs).

Step 2: Wrap yarn many times around a thin piece of cardboard or your palm. Cut both ends to make strands of hair. Hot glue the yarn to the head of your person and braid them to make pigtails.

Step 3: Tie strings to the bottom of your stick person to make pants or a skirt.

Step 4: Optionally, hot glue on googly eyes.


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