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Star Spangled Halo

Perfect headband for your patriotic party! Here's how we created a fun star halo.



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-Pipe cleaners


-Scotch tape

-Washi tape



Step 1: Decorate a blank sheet of paper. Use as many colors as you want. We covered the page in splotches of red and blue. On the other side of the paper, draw the outlines of stars. Make sure that color splotches on the other side of the sheet are in the same spots as the stars. This way, when you cut out the stars, one side of them will be covered in color! 

Step 2: Cut out the stars. Twist together the pipe cleaners to create one long pipe cleaner.Take the new long pipe cleaner and measure it around your head to make a halo. Once the pipe cleaner halo fits, twist together the ends to secure the halo. 

Step 3: Coil pipe cleaners by twisting them around your finger to create a curly shape. Twist the coiled pipe cleaners around the halo to make them stand up in the air. 

Step 4: Tape the cut out stars to the ends of the coiled pipe cleaners. You can use clear scotch tape to secure the stars, or try using patterned washi tape to add extra flare!


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