PRINTABLE: Soundsuit Inspired by Artist Nick Cave

Okay, prepared to be inspired.

One of our favorite contemporary artists right now is Nick Cave. He has a current exhibit Until at The Momentary in Bentonville, AR near our Art Feeds HQ- and it's inspiring our shoes off these days. This printable helps students imagine their own versions of Nick Cave's Soundsuits. 

The Soundsuit hides the shape of the wearer hiding gender, race and class, which lets the wearer move without judgement, Nick Cave uses glitter, fringe, crochet, buttons, found objects and more to create these Soundsuits. Aren't they spectacular? 

photos are from The Guardian


And wait until you see them in motion. 

They blow our minds and you better believe we have an #ArtFeedsMakes coming up next to further explore our imaginations around these pieces.

But don't stop your curiosity here- there are some amazing commentary to hear more about Nick Cave's inspirations, narratives and mediums in articles like these:

Nick Cave --> Until- Walk through with the Artist

Nick Cave in The Greats by New York Times


Check out our printables below!



English Version

Spanish Version

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