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SOAR Grace Hill Mural



You’ve probably heard a story about a place where students go to learn magical things, where they are sorted into houses based on their strengths and character? Sound familiar? What if we told you that this place existed a lot closer to home than Hogwarts?

You heard us right! SOAR Grace Hill program is an after school program, where they provide students with an after-school experience that encourages fun, play, respect, leadership and learning. SOAR students are celebrated and embraced for who they are today and what we know they'll accomplish tomorrow. We were lucky enough to work with SOAR Grace Hill in Rogers, AR last year to create a mural that reflects this program’s unique students and culture. Their mural was recently revealed to the delight and awe of the students! Art Feeds murals are created from start to finish by the students at the partner organization. They choose the theme, color, and their drawings create the actual mural design. 

 Much like the magical world of Harry Potter, SOAR is comprised of four houses that students are sorted into. These houses vary in their colors and symbols, but they are united in their common goals. The four houses include Altruismo, Isibindi, Reveur, and Amistad.

Altruismo, Portuguese for “the givers”, is the house full of kind, strong, and empowering students.

Isibindi, meaning “courage” in Zulu, is the unwavering house full of protectors of the land, people, and spirit.

Reveur, French for “dreamer”, is the house with the ambitious and free-spirited, where no dream is too big.

Amistad, Spanish for “friendship”, is the house of friendship and camaraderie, using kindness as their greatest strength.

Over the course of four weeks, these students learned how to channel these characteristics into art through various lessons on storytelling, brainstorming, and collaboration. 50 students were involved in the mural-making process, each providing their own drawing that they felt best represented the traits of their house. The final result was nothing less than incredible! Now on display in front of the SOAR Grace Hill location in Rogers, AR. It reminds us that while we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, everything is possible when we work as a team!

Special thanks to the students and faculty at SOAR for letting us be a part of this creative journey! Special thanks to the Walmart Foundation for generous funding to make this mural possible. 


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