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​We can add another successful Word Vomit to the books!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Art Feeds Joplin. Over the course of the night, we collectively raised $1500 for the kids! Give yourself a pat on the back because we couldn’t have done it without you.
Throughout the night, we welcomed 8 talented storytellers to the stage. We heard everything from stories about awkward first kisses, to great leaps of faith, to ruining a 16 year olds birthday party. everyone left Palace Pizza with a permanent smile on their face and an ab workout from all the laughs. Let’s give one last slow clap for our My Magical Mind storytellers: Shaylea Brown, Sarah Goertzen, Jordan Starkweather, Eric Epperson (shout out to our Word Vomit king), Meghan Brossman, Julia Narrell, Lane Freeborn, and Molly Kraling.
We added one new aspect to the Word Vomit schedule this time around. In between our live stories, we share snippets from stories that were submitted by 5th grade students at Irving Elementary. These little artists’ words melted the crowds heart. We promised the full stories on the blog, so without further ado, the complete stories:

Uniting The Elements “We have to work together,” Joab said. “We must defeat the groups of spirits,” says Maradith. “Fire now,” Joab said. Wait, wait, hold on, we need to go back to the beginning. I’m John, John Smith to be exact. I was chosen as a guardian just as a baby, such as three others were. The others would be Joab from the royal family, Maradith from an old small town on the country, and Samantha growing up in the city of New York. We would all be trained to protect the world from the evil spirits coming in eleven years. We now must stop the evil spirits. When I was just three they sent me to a training camp where I met the others. I was frightened shaking and crying as they ripped me from my mother. When we reached the age of seven the real training began.

Tuesday January 1,

It all began now, this very day. Everybody was told to meet in the gym. “Today we will be starting with the basics,” said Coach Wilmer. “All of you drop and give me twenty.” “ I can’t do that,” said Maradith wearily. “I said get to it.” “I will not,” she insisted. One slap with a whip and the room was silent and we all were trying to finish as fast as we could.

We met up in the cafeteria after we had taken showers. “Don’t you guys think that was a little harsh for a seven year old?” said Samantha. “Yeah,” we all agreed.

We all got in line with our plates and they scooped muck on to our plates as usual.

“Why do we have to eat this,” I said. “I wish they would serve pizza,” said Joab. We all agreed with a nod.

Wednesday January 2nd,

Today was worst than the first. We all were sore and didn’t want to do this tough work. Today was pretty much the same as the day before. Then of course we had our usual muck to eat.

Friday January 4th,

Sorry I couldn’t write yesterday I didn’t get much free time. “We have so much work,” I said. “I know. We have so much work. There’s school and training, there is like no free time,” Maradith said and continued on. “I wish I hadn’t said anything,” I mumbled to Joab. “Thanks alot, now she won’t stop,” he replied.

Saturday January 5th,

Finally the day has arrived. No work today not, a drop!! I don’t know what to do first. should I watch T. V., catch up on my book, or sleep in some more? I finally decided I would invite Joab so we could play video games. We played all kinds of video games until we crashed at 11:00 p.m.

Sunday January 6th,

“Staying up was a bad idea!” I said to Joab as we woke up to the sound of my beeping alarm.” “Hurry we’ve got to get to training on time!”

I’m glad I was there because the oddest thing happened, not just weird but crazy freaky. Let me tell you the story.

“Few, I thought we weren’t going to make it on time,” Joab exclaimed wiping his forehead because we had to run all the way to the gym. “No kidding,” I replied a little breathless. We were doing our regular drills when suddenly Maradith’s hands were on fire!!!” Blazing!!! She was freaking out, but she just stood there shocked. “Calm down, calm down fear only makes it worse,” Coach Wilmer repeatedly was saying. “It stopped. it stopped,” Maradith said excitedly and a little shaky from what just happened. “ trainings dismissed, and Maradith can you come with me?” he asked. So we left and when I was leaving I overheard Coach Wilmer saying “How could this have happened? It’s not supposed to happen until two more years, if I calculated this right.” That’s when I knew something was up.

Thursday January 10th,

Everything was canceled because that whole hands on fire thing. Today Coach Wilmer said “We are back on for training.” So there I am waiting with everybody in the gym, and then the lights go out. “Ahh I can’t see,” screamed Samantha with an ear piercing shriek. “What’s that noise?” Joab said sounding alarmed. “I don’t hear anything,” I said. Then we all slowly turned around and saw there was nothing creepy going on except Coach Wilmer setting up a video. Then we all burst out laughing at how clueless we are.

The video then started, saying You have been chosen to defeat the evil spirits in just four years, it said in a deep and manly voice. “I can’t do that I’m just a boy,” I whispered to Joab. “I know. But maybe we have powers. Maybe that’s why Maradith’s hands caught on fire,” he said in response. He was right because then the video said, You all have an element to work with. Joab you are to be wind. John you are to be water. Maradith is to be fire and Samantha is to be earth.

Then Coach handed me a ring with a symbol representing water. it looked sorta like a wave, and it was blue shades with a bit of white. The band being a sparkly silver reflecting the lights. Coach Wilmer also gave Joab a ring with some wind symbol. A necklace to Maradith with a flame on it. Samantha got a bracelet with a flower and dirt on it.

“These will help you control your powers, and help you train to do certain things with your powers. Tomorrow when I come in I will be bringing three other trainers with me.”

I was shocked today. No explaining why. How could this happen? Maybe it’s just a scam. How do I explain how Maradith’s hands caught on fire or why we’re here, if this is a scam.” All these thoughts crossed my mind as I headed home. This is just too strange.

Friday January 11th,

He was right, there were three other coaches there. Two girls and a boy. “Maradith this is your new coach Rose. Samantha this is Laura, your new coach. Joab this is Derik your coach. John you’re stuck with me.” Yeah, won’t this be so fun, I thought sarcastically. “Now everybody has five minutes to learn about their coach. Then we shall begin learning the rules of powers.

Oh boy, here we go, I thought. “Well John what would you like to share about yourself or learn about me?” “How did they choose you to be a coach of people with such great powers?” “That’s a good question. I think it’s because I’ve done lots of research on the four elements and I was a bodybuilder for eight years. But of course I can only guess.” “Wow I never knew that. “Do you have any more questions?” “Yeah. I was wondering how many siblings do you have and where did you grow up?” “Well I grew up in a orphanage and then was adopted by a young couple when I was five.” “Really? I didn’t know that. Well I don’t really know my family or even where I grew up. I just remember once I was playing around with my brother at the park and we kept chasing eachother. It’s all very faint though.” I said, figuring he might want to know.

Then we discussed some more and then time was up.

“We better get going on the rules now,” Coach Wilmer said. “First rule is that no one can know about your powers. The Second rule is no practicing your powers outside of the gym and missions.”

“Wow we’re going on missions,” I whispered to Joab. “Sounds sweet,” he replied.

“Third rule is don’t battle against each other unless instructed to. I think that covers everything,” said Coach Wilmer.

Saturday January 12th,

Wow that’s a lot take in. I couldn’t stop staring at my hands. Could they really hold all this power?

Sunday January 13th to Tuesday 15th,

The day has come, finally. We will train and have things coming out our hands.

“Today John we will go over the four things you can do as a beginner. First is shooting water out of your hands. Second is water bombs, third is making ice and fourth is steam. These are just the attacks. First we will start of by trying to make shapes out of water. Got it John?”

“Yeah, I think so.” My heart was racing from all this excitement, and I was a little scared from all this.

“Okay, close your eyes John. Imagine you can do anything. put your hands up and try to make a sphere of water.”

You can do this, you got it, I said to myself. Then I felt it, a rush threw my bones, ending at my hands. Then a spew of cold liquid came rushing out my hands. I had done it, or so I thought.

“You can open your eyes, but still keep your hands up.” “ I made it, well sort of. It is certainly not a sphere but it’s a start!” I said happily.

“Now try to move it around. First you need to move your left hand down and then with your right hand only keep your pointer finger up.Then point your finger where you want it to go,” said Coach. I followed exactly what he said and it worked! “This is so cool,” I cried out.

Then it started moving around fast and I couldn’t stop it. It was going out of control! Then splat, it landed on coach Wilmers head. We doth kept laughing. “Well I think that’s enough working on powers for today,” he said between laughs.

Thursday January 17th,

Ravioli for dinner. It was yummy. We had some more practice like yesterday minus the spilling though.

Friday to Wednesday January 24th,

“Today we will learn defences,” Coach announced. “Yeah, this sounds fun,” I replied happily. “First defense is frozen ice shield, second is water a dome and third is to have a steam bomb,” Coach Wilmer said to me. “Sounds great,” I replied.

So we worked on that about the whole day. Losing track of time.

Friday to Thursday February 1st,

There’s so much to do. I’ve got to pack and practice with the others. This is so great! Ohh wait I forgot to say, we’re going on a mission!

Well sort of. It’s not real. It’s just a simulated area. So it is as if it’s real, but we won’t get hurt.

Friday to Wednesday February 7th

We’ve mainly been packing and prepping for the mission. It’s really fun because we are all practicing together.

Thursday February 8th,

We all met up in the gym today. Now we’re training together and learning drills. Like coach will say what do you do if a tiger attacks and then we tell him then do it.

“I like doing all this training together, and I’m siked about going on missions,” Joab said to me. “Me too. It should be great,” I replied.

Friday February 9th,

Got the day of which rocks. So me and Joab decided to go to the park. Then we hung out at his place.

Saturday February 10th,

“Hey, do you want to come to hang at my place this afternoon John?” Joab asked. “Sure,” I replied. “I think we should play a bunch of video games, and then see who can stay awake the longest. If you fall asleep first I’ll draw on your face,” Joab said. “It’s on,” I replied.

We ended up both falling asleep on the couch, so no one ended up getting their face written on.

Sunday February 11th,

Just one day until the mission starts. The suspense is real! I can’t wait one second longer. I’m going to explode with joy! In just moments I will be on a my first mission. The one and only mission of a life time!

To Be Continued On Part Two. . . . . . . .


The Life of the Titans

Long ago in a land there was a birth of four babies. The doctor said that there was no time for them to live because they had a horrible sickness at birth.But the children lived and they grew to be seventy feet tall. No one had ever experienced on a human life form before. No children these are no humans. This is the story of the titans.

The titan children grew. When they grew an old maiden asked, “What are your names?’’ They had no names so they went to their mother and said, “Oh great mother what are the names of us four?’’ Soon the mother named off four names for the children. She said, “Gruce, Lathia, Drakton and Mathina.’’ After that she said, “ These are the names of the four great titans.’’Weeks after the mother grew ill. The doctor gave her only weeks to live. The titans came to visit the mother but by the time they reached the house it was too late. Lathia, one of the titan daughters, ran to the body of the mother. She shouted, “Mother no!’’ As a cold tear ran down her face and on to the body of her dead mother she awoke the dead body. That is when Lathia realized she was greatly powered!

Soon Lathia realized that her other siblings were also powered as she is. But they all had different powers. Gruce was able to start fires with his hand.Drakton was able to freeze people with one touch. Mathina could look into the minds of others and tell them their destiny. And of course Lathia was able to cure the ill by a touch and raise the dead. So the four greatly powered titans went to many lands to do some good deeds.

As the next fortnight past the the titan brother, Gruce awoke to be evil! The other titan siblings didn’t even know it yet. It was an accident waiting to happen. The three titans went to the market to get to get bread. When they returned the house was perished in flames. Gruce had burnt the house down. “ Why Gruce”, cried Mathina. “This is a wonderful show is it not?” Drakton was so angry about his house that he used his powers against Gruce. He was frozen forever.

Soon after the three titans went to a different land. They forgot all about Gruce. When they got to another land a man came up to them and said, “ Why are you three so, so giant?” “ I mean don’t take it the wrong way I mean it is great.” After the man in the town said that to the titans he said, “ How would you like to be in the paper?” “ What is the paper?” Asked Lathia. Then the man replied, “it is where we write about you on a piece of paper and the great town reads it.” “Oh”, they say in surprise. “No,” Drakton said boldly. “Why great brother”?, said Mathina wearily. “Because we can not have Gruce knowing that we are here.” Said Drakton. Also we can not use our powers.” “Agreed’’ replied the other titans firmly.

After a few years, the titans returned to their birth land. They were still afraid of Gruce. But to see their mother they would go. They reached the town, but when they got there Gruce, a titan brother was dead. “ All hail the titan saviors have returned,” shouted the towns people. “ The ruler would like to speak with you,” said a town seeker in a dutch aksent. Walking to the rulers house the titans were shaking with fear. But they were happy about Gruce’s death. “Welcome great ones,” says the ruler. “Twas your journey fierce?” “ No great ruler twas very peaceful” said Drakton calmly. “We saw a lot of powerful- scenery” Mathina finished Lathia’s sentence. “ Why did you want to see us?” Said Drakton buffly. “Ah yes the death of your titan brother, Gruce”, said the town ruler softly. “He was already frozen so we put our best warriors in best armor and gunned him down,”said the ruler “Ahhh” screamed Drakton as the kingdom rumbled from the strong stomp of his large sized foot. “I am sorry about your titan brother Drakton.” “I had no choice!” It was either kill him or let thousands of lives parish from a giant!” “I will not tolerate this nonsense in my kingdom”. “ You may leave my kingdom all of you.” Said the ruler with great anger.The next fortnight pastas the titans were settling into their fresh, wonderful new home in which the ruler gave to the titans.On a cold, winter morning the titans were fast asleep. There were worriers outside the door. The ruler was planning to kill the titans in their sleep, from the outburst in the rulers kingdom. The warriors crept into the house hoping to kill Drakton first. Armed and ready the warriors crept up to Drakton. Then Drakton awoke throwing and killing each one the warriors. And then the ruler.

After, Drakton had to act quickly. So he took every body and through them of the bridge. Next he told the townspeople a lie! He said , “The ruler is dead.” “He and his best men jumped off a bridge last night at eight o’clock.” “The great ruler left me in charge.” “I am sorry great people.” But Drakton this is not true”cried Mathina and Lathia. “ I know you imbeciles I had to lie!” Why Drakton”, Said Lathia with great worry in her voice. “ I’m protecting you and Mathina”, said Drakton calmly. “If they found out the truth, they would kill us all some how.” “ I am the ruler now, long live Drakton.” He said greatly.

In conclusion the three titans Drakton, Mathina, and Lathia lived long in prosper. As for the dead ruler, he gained powers from the world that he crossed to when he died. As you know Drakton became ruler, and Lathia along with Mathina lived rich and greatly happy!



Bang! Lightning struck the tree in my front yard. Crash! The tree fell on my parents car. I ran under my bed. I dramatically pulled my dog under the bed with me.

Ding Dong! I ran down stairs to get to the door. I slipped on the rug and so I opened it. Creak! A little baby midnite black crow was in a creepy black basket. “Mom there is a baby crow at the front door.” I said. “There is an old bird cage down stairs,” Mom said.

2 months later. ”Mom I am home.” I said. I walked upstairs to my room. “Mom where is finix she isn’t in her cage!” I asked in terror. “Oh yeah she is in the kitchen with me.” Mom said. GOLP! Finix eat a piece of asparagus! “What is happening!?” I said. A giant burst of light exploded all over the kitchen. BOOM! “Finix, what happened to you?” I said. The asparagus turned Finix into a fifth grade girl. “You are a girl!” I said.

“Yes! I am a girl! There are so many things I want to say!” Finix said.

“Oh you have to get outside now or you’ll miss the bus!” said mom. “Oh and Finix you can follow me to school,” I said. “Oh,” Finix said. Mom didn’t say a word about Finix being a human.

While at school, everyone was talking to Finix. I said, “ Hey Finix who are your friends.”

“Oh these are Faith, Jamey, and Amanda,” Finix said. “I heard you were voted class president,” I said to Finix.

Finix is the best. Everything goes her way and she doesn’t even have to try. But the brother gets treated like trash. Everyone likes Finix. While the brother nowan likes. He was picked on at school and finix didn’t help him. Then Finix eat some asparagus and turned back into a crow. Everything turned around. Finix was sent away. The boy became popular again. I am that boy. My name is Zander.


The Dragon Chronicles

“Hurry, run!” Judy screamed at Alex. Judy and Alex are two thirteen-year-old girls. Alex has long, black hair, bubbly blue eyes, and a cluster of freckles on her face. Judy has straight, long, red hair, green glasses spotted with roses, and jade green eyes. Judy and Alex were being chased by to large dogs the size of bears. One dog has a large, nasty scar on his muzzle, the other, big black claws that reassembled chipped black daggers burying themselves in the dirt with each heavy step. Both dogs had wild black eyes, crooked teeth, dirty, mangy, disgustingly black fur, and weird spiky wings. The dogs chased Judy and Alex to the center of the forest. “Aaaahhhh!” Judy heard her friend yelp. Judy looked around desperately searching for Alex.

“Alex! I’m not falling for your dumb games!” Judy tried to sound brave but the thought of those monsters munching on her friend horrified her. Judy started to cry. “ “Help!!” Came a distant shout. Alex darted in to the area followed by the two creatures. “Aaaah!!!” Alex yelped, as she seemed to be swallowed by the ground.

Judy grabbed a ginormous heavy log and dropped it on the wolf’s heads. The wolves heads flattened out on the ground with a loud squish. This gave Judy a chance to investigate.

“Aaah!” screamed Judy as she fell in the leaves Alex was just standing in.

Bright colors and creatures and beautiful music surrounded her. “Amazing, huh?” said Alex from behind. Judy turned around, “Alex! What happened, are you all right?” Judy was surprised but happy her friend was alive. “This is Avery,” said Alex as a small blue dragon hopped around her side. “Cute.” Said Judy, even though she was surprised at the sight of a dragon. Judy couldn’t stop staring. “Where can I get one?” Judy asked, “Right here.” Replied Alex, just then the dragon turned into an auburn hair boy. “You can get one at the juniper tree.” Said Avery. “I’ll take you there.” Avery whisked Judy and Alex away down a purple brick street that sort of matched a blue streak in Avery’s hair.

Avery stopped at a moss covered tree with mossy letters spelling juniper hanging from a vine in front of the door. “How can anyone be here, its too small!” Said Judy. Just then, a jade green dragon covered in leaves walks out of the juniper tree. “This is your dragon form,” Avery said. “What do you mean, dragon form?” asked Judy in surprise. “You’ll see.” Said Alex. Judy suddenly felt herself pulling towards the green dragon, and before she knew it Alex and Avery started growing and growing, or was she shrinking? Then, it stopped.

“Okay, okay.” Said Judy, “Is this my house, then?” “Yep!” said a black and blue dragon that seemed to be Alex. Judy and Alex flew into the juniper, “Whoa!” said both girls at the same time. There were vines for curtain doors, and a twig stepladder running down the back of the tree. “Wow, your clean.” Alex joked,

but Judy didn’t care; she was staring at the juniper house. A wood platform was settled above her head with a small round dog bed with a green bedspread covered with leaves and vines. “Good night, Judy!” hollered Alex as she left. Judy hadn’t noticed how fast time had gone by, so she past out in bed.


About LeBron

I’m going to tell you about a king, King James.The king of basketball is LeBron James.I’m sure that some of you don’t know LeBron Raymone James is a very talented athlete.

To begin with, LeBron Raymone James is a very very talented player not only in basketball but in football as well. Soon, the NBA decided that LeBron James was good enough to draft him right out of high school.LeBron James got drafted first round pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers. he was number 23 which Michael Jordan was his role model as a kids number.

It wasn’t long before the Miami Heat wanted James to play for them and he ended up playing for them in 2010. In 2014 he decided to go back to his hometown Cleveland. James now is 23. Later on, James had two kids their names are Lebron Raymone James Jr and Bryce Maximus. Bryce is not blood related to James. James lead the Cavaliers to the playoffs for the first time in 2008. James puts blood sweat and tears into basketball.

Even though, LeBron James stared when he was 20 he lead the Heat to 3 championship wins. The reason why James left the Heat is because the Heat did not have cap room for him as much money as he needed.There for, LeBron is one of the greatest players in history. LeBron James nickname is King James. LeBron James was born in December,30 1984. LeBron James started at the age of 20 he also started in 2003. LeBron James makes 1,000,000 every day on his shoes.

As you can see, thats some of LeBron Raymone James story. I hope you learned something you did not know. Yet, I know that theres more to his story, but thats a little bit about him! Do think LeBron Raymone James is a good athlete?

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