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Efforts to establish an Art Feeds Carthage Chapter began July 2014. Carthage R-9 School District enthusiastically welcomed the prospect of Art Feeds’ sustainable weekly programming. A partnership was created with R-9 School District, and a 12 week sample programming was approved for the behavioral disorders classrooms at Fairview and the Carthage Middle School this past fall. A team of Carthage community members were trained by Art Feeds National and used Art Feeds curriculum this fall with 20 students where we watched creative capacities flourish and expression grow. Through the fall, Art Feeds National and the Carthage community worked to raise the start-up funds for the chapter. Over 100 Carthage community members donated $16,000 collectively. We are thrilled to announce that in addition to this generous amount from Carthage community members, the Kent D. and Mary L. Steadley Trust, Bank of America, N.A Trustee has matched the communities effort and given the remaining funds needed to establish the Carthage chapter.

It is the goal of Art Feeds Carthage to provide free and consistent programming to all Carthage Elementary Schools and the Middle School by the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. This goal has been made a reality by the enormous generosity of the Kent D. and Mary L. Steadley Trust, Bank of America, N.A Trustee, who has provided the funding for full school programming for three elementary schools over the course of the next year. Fairview Elementary will be the first to receive full school programming spring 2015, with the addition of Mark Twain Elementary in the fall of 2015 and Columbian Elementary in the of spring 2016. These three schools, once launched, will continue with programming each school year. In addition, Art Feeds Carthage staff will pursue the funds to add the remaining elementary schools and the middle school over the course of the next year. When fully operational, Art Feeds Carthage will serve all 2,500 students consistently by the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year. Art Feeds Carthage is motivated by the results we have seen in the classroom thus far. A mother of one of our young artists, Debra Magrum, shared her daughters experience recently:

“My daughter …struggles everyday with everything in her environment as well as concentrating in a very structured school environment. Art Feeds has provided a creative outlet for her to express herself. She looks forward to going to school again. That is so awesome to hear as a parent. I hope this program continues to flourish and help many, many more children. “

The Trust Advisory Committee shared, “ [We] feel Art Feeds is in line with the Kent and Mary Steadley Memorial Trusts commitment to education as one of the building blocks for the future of the Carthage community and the enthusiastic presentation by Meg Bourne made the decision an easy one.”

Two Directors have been proudly appointed to grow and sustain the Carthage programming. Alyssa Hunter has accepted the position as Executive Director. Alyssa is a Carthage native who graduated from Oklahoma Wesleyan University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Leadership. Alyssa will work part time as ED while she still pursues her with The Hunter Team at Pro 100 Realtors. We are confident in her leadership, creativity and business expertise to quickly grow Art Feeds Carthage to meet the needs of every student in the area.

Chelsea Hardy acts as the Director of Programs and is pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Education. Chelsea has been an employee of Art Feeds Joplin for two years, she jumped at the opportunity to bring Art Feeds to a new community. Chelsea has a passion for helping children in education reach their full potential, which makes her the perfect fit to coordinate Art Feeds Carthage in school programming and partnership with R-9 School District.

This spring, Art Feeds Carthage has big plans of producing a mural with the students of Fairview Elementary! A showing of the mural creation process can be seen at a student exhibition at ArtCentral on May 1st, with a mural reveal to follow shortly after. Art Feeds Carthage will continue to be active in the community at events such as Carthage Art Walk and have some creative fundraisers in the works to look forward to. If you’d like to get involved, follow Art Feeds Carthage on Facebook and look for the new to launch this spring! If you’d like to volunteer you can email If you’d like to donate, email , or mail a check to Art Feeds Carthage PO Box 891 Carthage MO 64836.

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