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Last week, we had the honor of rooting on our founder Meg Bourne Hulsey as she accepted a Missouri Arts Award in Arts Education.

“The annual Missouri Arts Awards celebrate people, organizations, and communities that have made profound and lasting contributions to the cultural and artistic climate of the state.” Hooray, Meg!

A snowstorm hit the day before, so the 50 passenger bus we had booked to take our friends and supporters along was unable to make the journey with us. So our team, board members, & family loaded up in 4 wheel drives to make it up snowy roads to the Capitol to celebrate. Here are a few peeks at our day via photos posted on Instagram by our team who was documenting:

Loved these buttons so much. (And we love their makers!)

Our friends made these beautiful cookies in the shape of the art supplies that fill our art packs for the legislators to snack on.

There were several ceremonies to celebrate Meg’s award. Gorgeous posters went to all those who received an award that day. Our legislators presented resolutions in a room COMPLETELY COVERED in Thomas Hart Benton paintings. (We could have moved in.)

And when the bus wouldn’t make it up, a few of our Spring Intern class loaded up & drove to celebrate with us. You go, girls!

And now this BEAUTIFUL bowl classes up Art Feeds HQ.

Thanks to all who have sent congratulations, joined us at our Cocktail party to celebrate & cheerleaded us from afar!

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