Marker Hack for Old Markers

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​Do you ever find yourself having a hard time throwing out markers that were good just a few weeks ago, but now seem unusable because they’re dried out? Never fear, we will revive those thirsty colors by transforming them into liquid watercolor paints.

You Will Need:

A Collection of Dried Out Markers

A Rubber Band

A Glass Jar


Step One:

Remove lids from the markers, and bundle them together using the rubber band. The amount needed depends on the amount of dried markers you have as well as the size of the opening in the glass jar you choose.

Step Two:

Fill glass jar 3/4 full with water. Again, this may vary based on the size of jar you choose. Just make sure that the tips of your markers will be fully submerged underwater.

Step Three:

Slide markers in through the opening and allow them to soak overnight.

Step Four:

When you return, remove the markers and throw them out or recycle them at your discretion. They have been sucked dry at this point and the exciting part of this project is the new set of liquid water colors that were left behind. Enjoy!

Up-cycling and re-purposing used or unwanted items can be a great way to start conversations about going green and using our resources wisely. What other ways can you create something fresh and fun from your household items with your family?

If you’re looking for some pointers you can check out the Marker Hack for New Markers and the Marker Hack for Really Old Markers to get inspired.

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