Love Bugs was a success!

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Second Saturday Workshops are back!

We kicked off Spring Second Saturday Workshops on Valentine’s Day with a love themed workshop. We called it Love Bugs and we created 4 unique crafts and activities for our little artists. Our snack was even Love Bug themed! As the children arrived, they creatively colored a love bug coloring sheet. When all students were checked-in, we headed to craft number one.

Our first craft was making fly-swatted wings. Each artists received two heart-shaped wings. They painted the wings, then used a fly swatter and paint to add a print. They finished them off with glitter and the Love Bugs received their wings!

Next, the little bugs made their love vision bug eyes. They received two paper plates with heart eyes cut out. We equipped our little love bugs with everything they needed to embellish their eyes.

Once their eyes we completed, they headed in for a snack– cheese + cracker + pretzel spiders, of course!

The next craft was something for our little artists to express their love for themselves. We believe that self worth and confidence are of most importance for a growing child. For this craft, they received a mason jar and slips of paper. After decorating the jar with paint, we encouraged the students to write down the things they love best about themselves on the slips of paper. The papers went into the jars for safe keeping and we instructed the little love bugs to pull out a piece of paper whenever they need to be reminded of why they love themselves! The result was beautiful and heart warming. Check out these pictures of what some of them wrote.

Our last craft was for our little artists to express their love for someone else. Each students made a custom, pop-up Valentine to give to whomever they chose. At this point in the workshop, we gave each Love Bug their wings and love vision goggles.

Aren’t they cute?

Missed this workshop? Don’t worry, we have more! Check out the rest of our Spring workshops here.

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