Eastmorland Elementary Mural Reveal

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​​Another mural has been installed! Huzzah!

We recently revealed another mural at Eastmorland Elementary. This student inspired mural features some of the most whimsical creatures– a man weightlifting donuts and ice cream (can we get in on that?), a friendship fun house, and, of course, a hot dog carrying balloons.

Our educators walked the students of Eastmorland through the entire brainstorming process. The students voted on the theme (on in this case themes), worked as a collective, school-wide team, and created hundreds of unique images. It was a tie between two themes, but because of the split installment space, there was no tie breaker. The little artists of Eastmorland chose Friendship and Unity + Dreams and Perseverance. These two themes perfectly collided in a creative, circus theme mural.

Here are some pictures from the big day:

Mural completion would not be possible without our mural sponsors. A special thank you to CoCo’s, Anne Sharp, and Lauren Langland for sponsor this mural. We are always looking for sponsors for our upcoming murals.

Interested? Here are our upcoming murals and financial needs.

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