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All ages fun up in here! We love that we get to be surrounded by super creative people and we’re always enthused by what they make. We’ve been seeing marbled paper all over the web and HAD to learn how we could do it. Turns out you can do it with things you likely have in your home!

What you’ll need:

Construction Paper

Paint Brush

Shaving Cream

Liquid water colors* or watered down acrylic paints

An old gift card or flat plastic object

Aluminum Foil


Step One:

Tape down the aluminum foil and squirt a thin layer of shaving cream over the surface. Smooth down the shaving cream so it covers evenly.

Step Two:

Drip paint onto the shaving cream. The amount is up to you- have some fun experimenting with different outcomes! To get you started, we would suggest you use moderate amounts of multiple colors sporadically around the surface area. Then, take the non-brush end of your paint brush and gently drag it through the paint and shaving cream. Experiment with swirls, zigzags, and straight lines. This is the most fun part, but don’t get too carried away, or the colors will begin to mix and become muddy. Of course if you like it like that, by all means don’t let us stop you! There is no right or wrong way to approach ANY art project.

Step Three:

Take your piece of construction paper and lay it over your masterpiece. Gently press down to ensure there is complete and total contact between the shaving cream and the paper. This can be a little tricky because you don’t want to apply too much pressure to the shaving cream.

Step Four:

Slowly peel back the paper off of the shaving cream. We usually do it from top to bottom, but whatever works best for you will do!

Step Five:

Now off to the side, laying the paper down, with the shaving cream facing up, take your gift card and “shave” the cream off of the paper. At this point you may want a few paper towels handy to wipe off your plastic card as you go. As you remove the shaving cream from the paper your design will begin to appear from underneath! How cool is that?!

Step Six:

The great thing about marbled paper, is once the DIY is over- there are SO many options for ways to get creative with it. As your well aware, sharing is caring. Try making a thank you card, paper airplane to toss to your pal, or even use a hole punch to create some sweet marbled confetti to launch in celebration of a happy day.

There you have it,

six easy steps to some marvelous

marbled paper!

*Don’t have any liquid water colors? Never fear! We have a DIY Project for that right here.

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