Cold Water Challenge

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Have you heard of the Cold Water Challenge?

Here’s the scoop:

You record yourself jumping into something really cold. (pond, pool, bathtub, ocean, giant glass of milk, whatever.)

In your video or post, you call out as many people as you would donate in honor of if they accepted the challenge to jump into cold water as well.

For example: Our friends Mike & Arlen jumped into a river & challenged all 5 of the Art Feeds staff to jump as well by saying they would donate $10 to Art Feeds for each person to jumped.

So far, hundreds of dollars have been pledged because of this trend & we’re happy to carry on the generosity. (And we LOVE how many of you wild thangs are ready to go next!)

For each person we challenged who completes the Cold Water Challenge, we’ll give an Art Feeds art pack to a child at Children’s Haven of SW Missouri. We work with these little ones weekly there, but would love to be able to share art packs with children as well.

(Excuse us, have you seen our toes? So cold.) Start your own challenge in your community and see how far it will spread!

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