Birthday DIY: Glitter Table Runner

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Three cheers for cost effective decor featured all over our Birthday video up there. /\

We’re always on a budget here (#nonproflife), but we love good design & cute decor. Catch 22 that forces us to get CRAFTY!

Here’s little DIY on how to make darling table runners & cloths with just 5 tools you likely have around the house:

Supplies needed:

Butcher Paper- We used white but brown looks great too, especially with colored glitter.

Scissors- Used to cut your butcher paper in any shape you can image.

Paste- We used Elmer’s glue. Modge Podge will work well too.

Brush- We’d suggest using one you don’t mind getting glittery… and staying glittery for a bit.

Glitter- We used gold, but changing up the color with your theme has limitless possibilities.

After you cut your paper to desired shape & length, start painting your shapes using paste. We stuck to geometric triangles.

Next, sprinkle a thin layer of glitter all over your paper. Gently shake the paper side to side to try to cover all lines that need a little extra bling.

Use your glue brush to reapply anywhere that need extra glitter & repeat.

We used a little plastic tray to shake our excess glitter into to avoid also glittering our favorite rugs.

We like our shapes a little imperfect, but you can repeat with as many layers & colors as you please to fit your decorating style.

Lovely little glimmer to fancy up, you know, the every-day-art-supply-wrapping-party.

Enjoy, friends. If you try it out, post below so we can give you 3 cheers!

Want to join our birthday party? Come on over.

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