Artistic Inventions at the JPL

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There was quite the Invention Convention at the Joplin Public Library this past Friday. Artists tackled some of the world’s trickiest problems, by recognizing a problem, brainstorming potential solutions, and taking action and creating a contraption to tackle the issue at hand. Who doesn’t want an alarm clock that will not only wake you up, but also pick out stylish outfits for you to wear each day? And let’s be honest, everyone could use a zap or two from the “Be Nice Laser” which ensures kindness in everything you say and do! Today we used cardboard tubes and pipe cleaners, but who knows what tomorrow will hold for these bright eyed inventors. Regardless of what they decide to manufacture next, we know that the world is in good hands. Take a look at some of the creations that were cooked up at the workshop! (But don’t steal any of these ideas- they’ve been patented too!)

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