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​We absolutely love working with our schools here in Joplin!

We make sure to do anything we possibly can to make the Art Feeds experience better for the students, while staying in line with our mission. This year, Joplin Schools launched a new curriculum for learning. Based on four tenants, the entire district is unified int heir teaching. We believe that our mission and curriculum aligns with the four tenants as well! Below, you will find a list of the tenants, what they are, and how we align.

We are excited to be in partnership with Joplin Schools, working alongside such talented teachers!

Tenant no. 1: Competency Based

Learners move toward their goals based on their ability to demonstrate and provide evidence that they have mastered the success criteria aligned to the standards. Learners use a self-regulated process to accelerate their learning.

How Art Feeds is Competency Based

Art Feeds’ curriculum and programing drives students towards their goals through enhancing creative problem solving skills which supports confidence in the classroom and in test taking. Art Feeds supports a personal, student-led creative process. In Joplin, for the 2015-2016, we are launching curriculum “tie-in’s.” We are working alongside Joplin Elementary schools to create various ways we can “tie-in” concepts from the classroom to our lessons.

Tenant no. 2: Learner Owned

Learners understand that there is a direct relationship between increasing their own learning and the amount of effort they strategically exert. Frequent use of self-regulated learning process allows learners the ability to understand their own strengths and learning challenges.

How Art Feeds is Learner Owned

Our programs help learners understand that there is a direct correlation between the amount of effort exerted and their own growth. There is an increase in grit and perseverance in students that participate in Art Feeds programming. There is a 22% increase in self-efficacy within student who take part in our programming. Through our programming, we teach children to prioritize creativity as a valuable skill in education.

Tenant no. 3: Personalized

Learning experiences are customized for the students and employees. They develop connected relationships with the people they learn with, and use technology to support their own learning.

How Art Feeds is Personalized

Art Feeds promotes personalized learning. Each lesson enables the student to personally express themselves through creative education and therapeutic art. In the Art Feeds classroom, we work to create collaborative environments where students value ideas of each other and grow their own ideas. We hope that our students develop connected relationships within the Art Feeds classroom.

Tenant no. 4: Possible Anytime, Anywhere

Time is fully used by students and employees. Learning can happen in a variety of settings in and out of the school day as long as the learner is seeking to continually master their goals for success. Students and employees take advantage of digital technologies to enhance and extend their learning.

How Art Feeds is Possible Anytime, Anywhere

Our goal, for our students, is that they are able to express themselves anytime, anywhere. We aid our students in the process by providing teachers and parents with the resources necessary to facilitate their emotion expression. Our programs are mobile and all-inclusive, in order to reach students where they are, regardless of their diverse needs.

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