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We've been building our domestic programs in USA since 2009- and now it's time for another adventure!
For years, we've been contacted by supporters who are taking trips abroad and looking for resources for creative activities, supply lists and ways to engage kids while traveling. We haven't been prepared to help with this area- until now!
We're building a new set of curriculum for use internationally- for gap year adventures, humanitarian projects, volunteer trips, whatever takes you around the world. It will be in English, but with notes to help with cross-cultural and language barriers that you might encounter along with supply lists so you can have a heads up on what to pack in your suitcase. 
This project is in development and will be announced in Spring 2016 when it's available. 

We are proud to announce that our first partners to use the international curriculum will be Rapha House International and Touch a Life Foundation. Touch a Life is pairing with Kim Lewis Designs to build art centers at Rapha House and Place of Rescue Care Centers in Cambodia. Rapha House exists to love, rescue, & heal children who have been rescued from trafficking & sexual exploitation. This partnership will serve as the first international location where Art Feeds staff will test and develop the international curriculum.  It's our vision to develop curriculum that will be used on an ongoing basis to aid in the expressive and healing process for the women and children Rapha House and Place of Rescue serves. 

Are you an organization or individual interested in accessing this curriculum for an upcoming project or trip? Fill out this survey to start the conversation!

If you'd like to donate to our International Curriculum development, visit our International Donation page here.

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