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Rope Rainbow

One thing we know little ones love? Rainbows! Work with color, textiles and fine motor skills with this project that can also act as a calm and meditative process. Once finished, you can turn it into a wall hanging, wand, necklace, patch- possibilities are endless.


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Braided ⅛ rope



Colored embroidery thread

Washi tape or painters tape

Low temp hot glue gun



Step 1: Cut one foot of rope braided rope. Fold braided rope into the shape of a rainbow and cut layers of rainbow shape. Use washi tape to tape off the frayed edges. 

Step 2: Tightly wrap each layer of rainbow in colored embroidery thread until you have 5 tightly coiled layers. Tie off the thread at either end. 

Step 3: Hot glue the 5 layers of rainbow together.

Step 4: Remove washi tape to let the frayed edges show.

(Optional) Step 5: Hot glue a thread to the back of the rainbow to make your rainbow into a hanging decoration!


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