Raise Your 38

Hi from Art Feeds! This has been one of more unpredictable years yet- and also our year with the BIGGEST impact. In the school year 2020-2021, we are reaching 27,000 children in over 20 communities with training, curriculum, ongoing support and supplies.

All of our funding to provide Art Feeds programming FREE of cost schools/children's organizations comes from grants and fundraisers. Our annual Raise Your 38 Fundraiser is the biggest one of all to support our Community Assist Programming.

Why do you Raise Your 38? The formula is simple, it costs $38 to provide Art Feeds programming for free for one child for a year. During Raise Your 38 we ask our supporters to set a goal with a Facebook fundraiser of how many children they have a goal of supporting. For example: $38 to support 1 little artist, $76 to support 2 little artists, $380 to support 10, etc. It's a wonderful collective of people rallying to give free resources and supplies and access to Art Feeds programming for thousands of children annually. To create your own fundraiser- go to this link and click the "Raise Money" button in the right hand corner to start your own fundraiser and set a goal that feels right for you.

Also, MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our Mini Modern Telethon: Wednesday October 21st at 7pm CST where dozens of Art Feeds Supporters, Teams, Students and Cheerleaders will be gathering to tell you all about our mission and story. Get the link here.

Join us on social media October 19-22 to watch as we share our generous matching donors and rally together to reach our goal!

Ready for some Action Items? Here ya go!

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