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Rainbow Ocean Exploration

Got a freezer? Got some food coloring? You've got a project! Start this prep about 4 hours before you want to play and you'll be in good shape. Practice tactile skills while finding sea creatures and observe how primary colors change to secondary colors in this Rainbow ocean exploration!


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- Water
- Salt
- Container for water
- Blue and red/ red and yellow/ yellow and blue food coloring- (two primary colors that will melt into a secondary color)
- Sea animal/creature toys
- Sequins
- Glitter
- Toothbrush
- Access to a freezer


Step 1: Add a layer of water to your bowl and add food coloring to the water, then add a mix of toys, glitter and sequins.
Step 2: Freeze that layer
Step 3: Add another layer of water to the bowl with another primary color of food coloring, then add a mix of toys, glitter and sequins.
Step 4: Freeze again!
Step 5: Once the container is frozen solid, give your child a toothbrush and some salt. Help them to use the tools to melt the ice and discover the fun hidden ocean items! As the ice melts, they will see 2 colors melt into a new color. 

Good questions yo ask your little artist while doing the project:
- What two colors are we starting with?
- What happens to ice when the temperature rises?
- Is there a color you observe as the ice melts?
- What are the names of the animals we are finding?
- Why are they unique to the ocean?
- Does all this stuff in the water help you think about how we can protect the ocean?
- What are some thoughts or ideas you have to protect the ocean?

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