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Rainbow Keychain

We are going to use this rainbow keychain to remind us of the things we like about ourselves! First, we'll brainstorm those qualities in the Rainbow Affirmation Printable, then we'll make a keychain to help us remember. Remember there's no wrong answers! That's especially true when you're thinking of the qualities you like about YOU.



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-Rainbow Affirmation printable from the blog on (link in profile)

-Drawing utensil

We used Thick + Thin Markers by iHeartArt Supplies by @brightstripesco

-Clay or Model magic 

-String or yarn




Step 1: Decide on 3 self affirmations; something you like about yourself or something you are good at for example!

Step 2: (Optional) Print out the Rainbow Affirmation printable from

Step 3: Write in your 3 different affirmations into the stripes on the rainbow.

Step 4: If you are not using colored clay, add some color to three chunks of clay with a marker.

Step 5: Stretch and knead the clay until the color is evenly distributed. 

Step 6: Roll out your clay chunks into longer strips.

Step 7: Add those strips on top of each other and add a string through one of the gaps. Before you tie it, add your beads to the key chain by stringing them onto both of the string strands.

Step 8: Tie off your string so that the beads don’t fall off!


When you make your own version of this project, post it online with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can cheer you on in your creativity!

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