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PRINTABLE: Your Best Adventure is You

Can we talk about adventures for a minute? Adventure brings up images of road trips and maps, canyons and a backpack full of essentials. Travel snacks and meeting new people. And turns out: there is none of that during a pandemic. (Except for snacks. Whew, there are some SNACKS happening.) But let's try to imagine another take on adventure- the internal one. We have capacities to change and evolve and GROW. We can discover new places inside of ourselves, we can get curious and ask "why do I feel that way when this happens?", we can repair relationships and discover new things we love to do. In the end, maybe we have all we need to have a grand adventure, even if it doesn't involve plane rides and road maps. Maybe your best adventure is you. (But still, don't forget the snacks.)

We could all use a little bit of encouragement these days and this one is ready for you! Print it in full color as some decor for your walls. Print the black and white version as a coloring sheet and add your own fancy to it. Download below.


Full Color Poster Version

Black/White Coloring Sheet Version

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