PRINTABLE: Wordless Acting Game

Get performance ready! This is your time to shine.

For this project, you'll need paper (or the printable), a writing utensil and scissors (or great paper-tearing skills). 

This printable is an opportunity for a fun game where we practice communicating with no words! Select a prompt and try to get a friend to guess the words- but no speaking. 

Some ideas for questions to ask after the activity: Did you feel any resistance to this activity? What kinds of challenges did you hit when trying to describe something wordlessly? On the flip side, what challenges did you find when trying to guess? Have you experienced these challenges in the world before? 

We love to practice communicating wordlessly to prompt these discussions:

1. We can communicate a lot without words!

2. It can be challenging to communicate when you don't have a fluent shared language. It's important to share compassion and understanding anytime there's a communication gap. 

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English Version
Spanish Version

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