PRINTABLE: Today I’m Feeling

How are you feeling today? Hungry? Happy? A little disoriented? All of them? Us too. We know that every day when you pull yourself out of bed, there's probably a different feeling to name. And by the time you eat breakfast, there could be another 2-3. By the time you watch the news? At least 8 new emotions.

Let's normalize the changing feelings. It's good to have feelings! It's good to know them and recognize them, and even better when you can communicate about your feelings to those around you. It can build relationships, help set expectations and grow connections when we can state our feelings together without judgement or pursuit of changing them. Some words we can say when someone tells us they're having a negative emotion: "I could see how you could feel that way", "It's okay to feel sad, it means you're human. I feel sad too sometimes", "Would you like a hug?"

Then, we can talk about coping skills. Maybe take a walk or a deep breath or a drink of water, then check in again. Feelings aren't forever, but they sure are important.

This nametag is for the feelers in the world (all of us!) You can fill out one of the tags and put it somewhere where you can communicate how you're feeling in a moment. Maybe you make several of them and put one on each time you leave your bedroom in the am. Maybe you post it on your fridge. Maybe you select one from a pile when you're practicing naming your feelings in a difficult moment- the options are limitless. Just like our feelings. 






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