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PRINTABLE: Rules Poster

How do you make a creative space? First you make it SAFE. We've developed these rules over 10 years to help create a space where creativity and emotional expression can thrive. In fact, we start every lesson reviewing them to help set the stage for what's about to take place. 

Here are the Rules of Art Feeds:

1. Be Kind and Creative. Not only to others, but also to YOURSELF (grown ups, that means you, too)

2. Never Say "I can't". Try "I will try" or "Will you help me please?"

3. There are No Wrong Answers. Listen, this is difficult for many of us- but it's a game changer! When we're free from judgement, we can finally explore those ideas we never had courage to pursue before. 

We made these rules into a poster you can print out for your space too!

Color Version
Black/White Version

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