PRINTABLE: Planet Gratitude

A planet made of all your favorite things. What is in there? Whom and what exist in thie imaginary world? Why?

Sometimes focusing on our gratitude during a difficult time can help us cope with discomfort. Let's be clear- We never want to steal away grief from each other with "Why would you be sad about that when you have...." or "You think you have it bad? Wait till you hear about my friend who...". Compassionate listening, connecting with words of affirming "that must feel challenging" or "if I experienced that, I bet I would feel..." or "This is really hard and I'm right here" are our first steps. Once we hear each other and hold space for conversation, it can help to list or draw things we are grateful for. 

One playful way to do this is with our Gratitude Planet Printable! Download yours below and follow up with questions like: "Tell me more about this drawing...", "What does your Planet Gratitude smell like?", or "What memories might you re-experience on Planet Gratitude?". 

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