PRINTABLE: Mural Making

Calling all artists! Let's imagine a wall a whole new way. 

We love creating murals with kids. We think kids have the best ideas and when they're given the chance to run with them, pure magic can happen. We've been creating murals with students since 2013 (over 40 of them so far!) and we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Use this printable to sketch out your own mural. What would be your dream location to create your art? What would be your color scheme? Would your art interact with weather or nature around it? How would people be able to interact with your mural? We can't wait to see.

Tag us with the #ArtFeedsMakes and check out our murals at #ArtFeedsMural. Interested in creating an Art Feeds Mural with us? Visit our Mural Page here. 



English Version

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