PRINTABLE: Imagination Invention

Hi friends! This project is with Kids Create, a part of the Fayetteville Public Library 2020 Summer Reading lineup.  Summer Reading signups are now open for all ages using READSquared, and we’d love for you to read along with us this summer.    Be sure to visit for the full list of summer programs or like the library on Facebook for new content every day! 

This printable pairs with the adventures in this book Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie. This story follows an inventor named Izzy Gizmo who is always tinkering with machines to make her dreams come to life. One day she meets a crow who needs her help and she pours her creative energy into building something to enhance its life- even though it's so difficult, she nearly gives up. Her story is about perserverance, creativity and the love that pushes us forward when obstacles feel too big to overcome. 

This printable gives students a chance to invent their OWN creations. Do you have dreams you'd like to bring to life? What would the invention look like? Does your invention have a name? What actions would the knobs and buttons prompt? How would you persevere even when it took longer than you expected to get it going? 

Use this printable to sketch out your own invention. (REMEMBER! There are no wrong answers!) And if you're feeling up to the challenge- how about making the true inventions with household supplies?

Stay tuned for the #ArtFeedsMakes project that goes with this book and printable. Watch on Art Feeds social media or the Fayetteville Public Library Facebook page



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