PRINTABLE: Comic Book Cover

Did someone call for a hero? We're ready for it. 

Comic books are a great way to write AND draw a story at the same time. There is no wrong way to create a comic book, but one way we like to play with is by starting with the cover. We created a few in about 5 minutes and we're even more convinced that the storyline options are ENDLESS.

You can download these printables below in Spanish and English, but you can find a full version of this lesson for the classroom in Art Feeds Online with: English and Spanish Lesson Plans, a lesson video for leaders to watch, a lesson directed to students you can send to virtual students and these same printables. Become a Member here to get access to these lesson resources for dozens of other lessons too.

Have fun creating! Don't forget to tag us with #ArtFeedsMakes so we can see your creations. Stay tuned for Step 2 of this process next week on the Art Feeds Blog.


English Translation

Spanish Translation

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