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Pizza Box Valentine

Give your Valentine a pizza your heart with this fun twist on a V-day card or gift!


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Glue stick

Colored paper


Shoe box



Paper decorations



Step 1: Fold one piece of colored paper in half, twice (you should end up with fourths). Starting at the folded corner, cut a ¼  circle into the folded paper. When you open it up, you should have a circle. 

Step 2: Draw and cut out a heart shape onto the ¼ circle shape. Now you should have four identical circles. This will be your pizza “crust.” Now on the back of each of the hearts write down four things you like about someone. Flip the hearts back to the blank side. 

Step 3: On the blank side of the heart shapes, decorate the pizza shape with any shapes or decorations you want. Place the hearts into your box.

Step 4: Decorate the outside of the shoe box as you want. On the inside lid, write “You gotta pizza my heart,” and send us pictures of what you make!


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